Hollis Inflator System Elbow


Having the right spares on-hand when out diving can make or break a dive. Dont let a Malfunctioning BCD Inflator Mechanism Ruin a Day-of-Diving, always carry a spare. The Hollis Gear Power Inflator System with Elbow can get you out of a bind when you really need it. This complete Power Inflator System comes with a Rubber Gasket for Immediate Installation onto your Hollis BCD. The Inflator System is made from Durable Impact Resistant Plastic with a Corrugated Rubber Hose. The Hose comes in 3-Lengths of 13´, 16´ and 19´ (33cm, 40.6cm and 48.3cm). The Internal Components and Inlet Quick-Disconnect Nipple are made from Chrome Plated Brass. This Hollis Inflator System with Elbow makes a great Save-a-Dive Kit Item.


– Designed for Hollis BCDs
– Dont Let a Malfunctioning BCD Inflator System Ruin a Day-of-Diving
– Always Carry a Spare
– Complete with Corrugated Hose and Mounting Gasket
– Available in 3-Lengths: 13´, 16´ and 19´ (33cm, 40.6cm and 48.3cm)
– High Quality Plastic, Rubber and Corrosion Resistant Chromed Brass
– Great Save-a-Dive Kit item


– Hp Or Lp: Lp Ambient Air
– Materials: Inflator/Elbow Housings: Plastic, Internal Mechanism And Qd Nipple: Chrome Plated Brass, Hose: Rubber
– Length: 16´ (40.6Cm)
– Quick Connect: Yes, Male Qd Nipple
– Purpose: Replacement: Hollis Bcd Inflator
– Weight [with packaging]: 0.65 lb